I just published a page on my site relating the beginning of my journey creating a personal website using indieweb principles and practices.

The people in the irc channel have been extremely helpful and courteous in helping me get started.  If you plan on creating a site on your own, give them a look.  They want the web to continue to grow and be independent from the ‘silos’ we have all grown accustomed to using.  It is not that hard, and, long term, it will be worth it.

I’m back, not that I have gone anywhere, I am do doing this site from multple reasonse

  • Give  myself a voice in the wilderness – There is much going on in the intersection of politics and technology.  I might have something to add.
  • Writing is therapeutic – Writing, for me, clarifies some thoughts, can add some insights, and puts me in a better mood for the day.
  • To participate in Indiewebcamp –  A group of folks who feel that the ‘corporate web’ is allowing voices to wither and die.  I plan to federate to Facebook , Twitter, Google+, and linkedin.  This is just an experiment, one that hopefully succeeds.

Hopefully I will add something at sometime you care about.


See ya in cyberspace