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I’m Back

Not that I have gone anywhere, I am do doing this site from multiple reasons

  • Give  myself a voice in the wilderness – There is much going on in the intersection of politics and technology.  I might have something to add.
  • Writing is therapeutic – Writing, for me, clarifies some thoughts, can add some insights, and puts me in a better mood for the day.
  • To participate in Indiewebcamp –  A group of folks who feel that the ‘corporate web’ is allowing voices to wither and die.  I plan to federate to Facebook TwitterGoogle+, and linkedin.  This is just an experiment, one that hopefully succeeds.

Hopefully I will add something at sometime you care about.See ya in cyberspace

Disclaimer: If you see something on a page or post and you think: “What was he thinking?”, my response might be:

  • “Is that wrong”, or
  • “I was trying <insert explanation here> and it didn’t work out?”
  • “I meant to do it that way, because <justification>.”

I will get better, I promise.

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