The brute fact is you can’t beat passion with pragmatism. The human heart is not built that way. You can’t beat angry passion with bloodless calculation. If you’re going to have any chance against these hotheads, you have to set a rival and stronger emotional tone. I’d ask you to think of the ancient ideal of comradeship.



The Roosevelt Approach  by David Brooks from the NY Times


Too often people ask, what’s the use of science like this, if it doesn’t produce faster cars or better toasters. But people rarely ask the same question about a Picasso painting or a Mozart symphony. Such pinnacles of human creativity change our perspective of our place in the universe. Science, like art, music and literature, has the capacity to amaze and excite, dazzle and bewilder. I would argue that it is that aspect of science — its cultural contribution, its humanity — that is perhaps its most important feature.

I am a volunteer with United Rescue a volunteer based emergency caregiver program in Jersey City.   We respond, along with EMT and Paramedics to people with urgent medical needs.  We are dispatched by the same 911 system that dispatches the EMT and paramedics.

We have smartphone apps (Android and IOS) that know where we are using GPS coordinates.  The two (2) closest responders are notified by the app and we acknowledge whether we can or can’t respond to the scene.

We are investigating other apps that would automatically update our position without having to open the app and refresh our location, that would work with the current 911 system to automatically the nearest volunteers.  Since Google Maps does a great job of tracking my location (I have location history turned on) it is a mystery why I need to open the app to refresh my location.

Anyone who can help please reach out to me by responding to this post.  I look forward to hearing from this knowledgeable community, and I thank everyone who has read this and helped in any way.