Photos from PATH Data Jam – St. Peters University Jersey City NJ

Over 30 community technologists met at St. Peters to ‘hack’ Port Authority PATH data to gain insights, discover interesting patterns to the data, and in general have a good time with other hackers. Pictures will be added to this post as the day progresses.

Thanks to all the participants for a great day of discovery, learning and general good will toward fellow hackers.



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These legislators must be for the lobotomization of the American populace.

Let’s see: Cut education funding: check, cut AP classes so students can’t get college credit: check; make future legislatures as stupid as current ones: check.

American is losing American Exceptionalism by dummying down the educational system, not by forcing ‘liberal’ science thinking on students.



Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To Ban Advanced Placement U.S. History | ThinkProgress.

Planet Money has an interesting post regarding income inequality.  From the 1930’s through the 1970’s only the bottom 90% of wage earners saw their incomes rise.  High marginal tax rates certainly contributed to possible lack of increase in the high wage earners.

Something interested happened in the 1980’s and beyond: Only the top 10% of income earners have seen an increase in income.  We can go back and forth about what has caused/contributed to this.  That is not the question.

The question I have is how sustainable is this?  How much longer can the majority of people in America not see any income/social mobility upward before civil society starts to unravel.  It is not hard, or deleterious to the top 10% for the bottom 90% to have income mobility.  They will not starve. They will still have more wealth than they can use for whatever purpose they want.  They will not go hungry, or homeless.

My sister is raising money for the Avon walk in Chicago, feel free to donate to her effort.  Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer.  Every little bit helps, so if you don”t have someone else you are supporting on the Walk, my sister is an excellent alternative.  (Plus she will get a bunch of Fitbit steps for the effort).

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