This article is a thoughtful response to the organizations that have not
shared the cartoons that led to the murders of journalists in France. Some say that {Arabs;Chinese;etc) do not want or cannot handle Free Speech. As the article succinctly states: “Bullshit”.

Standing for free speech is not American. It is logical. If one allows a government to control—to censor—offensive speech, then no speech will be allowed, except that which government approves, for any speech can offend anyone and then all speech is controlled.

The idea that speech should be controlled to limit offense is itself offensive to the principles of a free, open, and modern society. That is what the Charlie Hebdo murders teach us.


Freedom of Speech is a human right

My passwords are boring combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks.  They tend to be strong, i.e. 16+ characters that are in no way easy to memorize.  They don’t invoke memories of people or events past, they don’t memorialize pets or loves lost.  I use lastpass to manage unique passwords for every site I have an account with so I only need to remember one password for all my online activity.

When I heard a podcast from the author of this NYTimes ariticle I was blown away by how people use passwords to remind themselves of affirmations, to remember people places and things from their lives, and a host of other ingredients that comprise their passwords.  The story has some really poignant moments. This is definitely worth a read.

The Secret Life of Passwords –