I gave up regular golf because of the time it took.  Four+ hour rounds became something of a chore and I found that I wasn’t enjoying it as much as something that takes that much time should. When you add in the two to three hours a week at the practice range, time well spent to help alleviate the frustration of a bad round I was spending up to eight hours playing golf a week.

Yes, the camaraderie was good, and the time outside, when wearing sunscreen, was reasonably healthy; and the beers after was soooooooo refreshing, but still 8 hours?

So now I am back to running.  I ran in high school: cross country in the fall, 2 mile indoor in the winter (39 laps around the gym) and the 1 mile outdoor track. In fact the teacher I remember most from high school was my indoor track coach, Mr. Langone.

I ran recreationally in the ’70s and 80’s, jogging it was called then.  I was reasonably fanatical about it.  I ran during lunchtime at work, or in the evening. I probably did that for 5-6 years and then a partially torn Achilles tendon but the kabash on it.

I followed doctor’s orders and rehabilitated the tendon and then was told that getting back into running would require 10-15 minutes of stretching before and after the run and I just never got back into it.

On and off I would hit the fitness kick, and do Stairmaster or whatever, but nothing beats being outside enjoying the fresh air, the seasons, the sensations of being on the road.  I could never do treadmills.  Every step is the same as the last one and it get boring quickly.  When I ran in the 70s and 80 I was living in Cincinnati and so the hills there  made for a decent variety of paces and workouts, and no two steps were the same.

Now I’m up to running 5 miles a day for 5 to 6 days a week.  I’m not running at the pace I was 30 years ago, but I feel that I am doing at least average for my age.

Now I’m spending at least 8 hours on running or running related activities a week, what with warming up and cooling down and the actual run.  Isn’t that amount of time on one activity the same as golf was?  Yes, it is spread out over the week, and except for snow or heavy rain I am not deterred, but I do find that I sleep better at night, I look healthy, because we all know that runners are the healthiest group of injured people around, and I feel better.

Yes, thinking about it, I would rather spend the time running (actually jogging) that golfing.





I just published a page on my site relating the beginning of my journey creating a personal website using indieweb principles and practices.

The people in the irc channel have been extremely helpful and courteous in helping me get started.  If you plan on creating a site on your own, give them a look.  They want the web to continue to grow and be independent from the ‘silos’ we have all grown accustomed to using.  It is not that hard, and, long term, it will be worth it.

Happy Mother’s day to all who have experienced the joy of motherhood, and to the rest of us who wouldn’t be here without them

Mothers Past

This is often a difficult day for me.  The two most important moms in my life have passed and this is a day that I most think of them both.  The most obvious one, Betty Bruning, my mom.  There is nothing else to say other than I miss her.  We have had our battles, but there was never anything other than love.

The second mom is the mother of our only child, Ben Bruning.  Kay always had faith in me, and always had something good to say about anything or anybody.  She definitely passed too early, but she has had a lasting influence on me, and Ben.  When she as losing a her fight against breast cancer one of her doctors told her that her legacy would be how she handled her death.  She took that as just another challenge and I will always remember her in those final days.  It was as sad a time as I have ever had, but her courage and attitude during those days give me a role model to try to emulate.

Mothers Present

Now to the current mothers in my file.  The first is my mother-in-law, Lorri Van de Castle (hasn’t Hallmark come up in *-in-law day yet?)  She is such a joy to be around at 80+ years old.  She was playing on the floor with her grandkids not that long ago.  Now she is taking incredible care of her husband who is experiencing the travails of growing older as many others have.  Lorrie certainly has had a lot on her plate, and there are times that the frustration and workload get to her, but who doesn’t have those sorts of days.

The final is the mother of our grandchild, Evelyn, and the mother to be of someone we are currently calling ‘deux’.  We didn’t know the gender of the first, and when she was born I still can’t believe my reaction.  Ten minutes before she was born I was like ‘Being a grandpa will be nice’, and then when I heard I had to pull the car over (we were on the Merritt Parkway on our way to PEI) to cry tears of joy.  That is a moment I will never forget.

So: Have a day when you can reflect on the greatest gift you can give to the world.

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