We the People

The White House Petition Site has a campaign to tell President Obama that the current movement to declare online encryption illegal is unwarranted and counterproductive.  They are trying to get 100,000 signatures so it will go before Obama.

Nothing law enforcement wants will make us more secure.  To paraphrase: “If encryption is illegal, only terrorists will have encryption”.  The encryption cat is out of the bag, the milk is spilt, and the cow has left the barn.  Nothing our law enforcement can do will prevent anyone who wants to communicate furtively from communicating in secret.  Meanwhile, the rest of us will be less secure online.  It would be illegal to use starndard cyrpto protocols to email and logon to our banks, stores, and every other place we don’t want our communications to go onto the public internet as ‘plain text’.

So the bottom line is: terrorists aren’t affected, and the rest of us will be.  Signing the petition just gets this in front of the President and lets him know we care about our privacy.



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