Ars Technica has succinctly encapsulated the issues that will drive the whole net neutrality issue to the next chapter.  The new info in the article is the fission that has arisen between Verizon and the other carriers.

Apparently no one in the carrier world was entirely happy about the 2010 net neutrality compromise the FCC enacted, but  AT&T called it a “bipartisan win” and a reasonable compromise.  Verizon took the FCC to court and the FCC lost.  In that ruling the court said that the FCC didn’t have the authority to enact those net neutrality rules, and unless the FCC declared the internet service providers common carriers, and bring it under Title II of the act they would not be able to regulate the internet.

The FCC took the bull by the horns and, last week, declared ISPs common carriers, and could potentially enact tougher net neutrality rules.

Everyone knew the ISP were going to sue to overturn the FCC’s decisions.  Everyone also knew the Republicans were going to try to enact laws that would stymie the FCC.  It is good to know the amount of campaign contributions the ISP donated to this one Representative.  Consumers do not have the financial clout of the carriers, but the outpouring of comments helped push the FCC to their decision.  Hopefully the consumers who came together to urge the FCC to act will now come together and help defeat this law.


Republicans’ “Internet Freedom Act” would wipe out net neutrality | Ars Technica.

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