When will Chris Christie realize that his time as a public servant is over?

His administration has been an embarrassment, even for New Jersey. His administration has reached a new low, with the revelation that, even after having been found liable in a case of environmental destruction that has been grinding on for 10 years Christie’s chief counsel agreed to settle the case for 3 cents on the dollar.

It’s not like the state is flush with cash.  NJ’s credit rating has had 8 downgrades since Christie was first elected.  Although the settlement of $250 million is a lot of money, the original suit was for over $8 billion.  Exxon was found guilty, and we were awaiting a judge’s ruling on damages.

  • Does anyone think that Christie wasn’t involved in the settlement?
  • His grand plan to fix the state pension plan, negotiated with Democrats is falling apart and Democrats are not willing to negotiate with him since he reneged on the last deal.
  • He still thinks that he as a chance of being the Republican nominee for President in 2016.  That borders on delusion.

He will huff and puff and threaten to blow our house down for the next 2.5 years, and we will ignore his bluster.

I’m sure he will land on his feet after his term ends, He has given enough to major businesses in the state that they will repay him generously with a lobbying job somewhere.

If we started a pool on when he realized that he isn’t the great leader he thinks he is, I would pick never. He is so far divorced from reality he would never realize what a failure he has been for this state.


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