Photos from PATH Data Jam – St. Peters University Jersey City NJ

Over 30 community technologists met at St. Peters to ‘hack’ Port Authority PATH data to gain insights, discover interesting patterns to the data, and in general have a good time with other hackers. Pictures will be added to this post as the day progresses.

Thanks to all the participants for a great day of discovery, learning and general good will toward fellow hackers.



IMG_20150221_0938412 IMG_20150221_121534 IMG_20150221_121528 IMG_20150221_121524 IMG_20150221_121521 IMG_20150221_112145 IMG_20150221_1059421 IMG_20150221_1042151 IMG_20150221_1042061 IMG_20150221_1029201 IMG_20150221_0938413 IMG_20150220_1046101
IMG_20150221_104215 IMG_20150221_104206 IMG_20150221_102920

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