I saw this question asked in a video about the Long Now Clock.  It struck me as a good question to ask, not about what is for dinner, or where to go on vacation, but on how we are spending some of our free time.  Am I doing something that is going to make my great-grand children proud of who I was.

I can’t save the world, but here are things I can do small things to move ‘the-ball-forward’ on things that are important to them.  When the experts largely agree that climate change is real, and will have negative effects on those who follow us, what am I doing to help either alleviate the problem, or mitigate the effects.

Just like: if the chance of me having an accident is less than 1% when traveling by car, I am going to put my granddaughters in car seats, not because it is the law, but because I don’t want to be the reason their lives are ruined forever, or ended because the chance of accident was so low and I was a bad ancestor.

This may be a good example, or not, you decide.  I just think we need to think more about the next 100 years, not always, not psychotically, but occasionally; not just the next week, or quarter, or year.


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