I’m horrified by the tragic deaths and injuries that occurred in Paris yesterday. Senseless deaths of people enjoying dinner, or a rock concert is not understandable to me. This post in no way diminishes that event..
However, in the US in 2013 (the last year data is available) 11,208 people were murdered by firearms.  127 is .0002% of the population of France, 11,208 is .003% of the US population.  In terms of population that is a 15 times increase in the number of deaths.  Not 15% but 1500%.  Not enough people care enough to do something about this in the US and that is a shame.

My thoughts and prayers to those in France suffering tonight, as well as those in the US who are going through the same angst, and anger, and hurt because our politicians don’t care.


  • Robert Sox

    It’s like at a concert when the singer holds a high note or the orchestra reaches a crescendo. That is when the audience feels moved to respond. Why does it have to be something dramatically tragic before we offer a standing ovation of outrage?

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